Coloring pages for the summer!

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Amanda Nelson, Archivist

June 26, 2017

We’re getting into the lazy, hazy days of summer with schools out and kids looking for activities to do. Well, fear not, we have an option for you! Everyone seems to love coloring books, so we decided to create some coloring pages of our own.

You may have seen back in April for Take Your Kids to Work Day that the library & archives staff created some coloring book pages based on photographs from our Emilio Segrè Visual Archives (ESVA). Staff printed out photos they wished to transform and placed them on a lightbox to trace the image onto a new sheet of paper using pencil. Once the pencil sketch was complete, we traced over it with sharpie to turn it into a coloring page. The kids loved them (and our staff has had fun, too), so we wanted to share!

Amanda tracing a Henry Barton photo using the lightbox.                     Three phases of creating coloring page (original, pencil drawing, and final).     Sarah and Audrey coloring and testing our creations.







We chose photos that show the wide range of subjects and types of photos in ESVA, and below find a few for you to download (click on the PDF) and color! We’re coming up with some fun ideas for how to use these in the months ahead. If you have any ESVA photos you think we should turn into coloring pages, nbl [at] (subject: Coloring%20book%20page%20suggestions) (let us know)!

Please share with us your finished products by nbl [at] (subject: Coloring%20book%20shares) (email) or using #NBLAcolor on social media!


Henry Barton, first director of AIP, riding a log flume ride in France with his family:




Early photo of astronomer Vera Rubin looking through a telescope:







Palomar Observatory near San Diego, California: 





Original AIP headquarters:








Niels and Margrethe Bohr riding a motorcycle Niels Bohr on motorbike: bohr_bike.pdf