Search tips for the International Catalog of Sources

How do I…

…find books or archives material?

The library’s collection is divided into two halves. Books include all published materials. Archives include all primary source items and collections. When searching, make sure you are in the correct tab; either “Search Books” or “Search Archives”. To find materials from both sides, use the “Browse All” tab.

…find a specific content type?

To filter for materials of a specific type, you can use the catalog’s “Limits” feature. The limits available depend on whether you are searching for books or for archival materials. Helpful limits include:

Under Search Archives:
    Institutional histories held at AIP
    Manuscript biographies held at AIP
    Oral history interviews held at AIP

Under Search Books:
    Textbooks held at AIP
    Institutional history books held at AIP

…find records of organizations?

To find records created by an organization, such as a professional society or a research institution, use the catalog’s “Browse All” tab. Searching for the institution’s name as “Author” will return a list including the institution and all of its subordinate units which have produced records. Click the desired creator to see a list of titles.

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