Publishing Dialog Stakeholder Messaging

Publishing Dialog Message Development

The Publishing Dialog Communications & Messaging Working Group came together to develop messaging to distinguish society publishers by focusing on the benefits of society publishing and how it ties into the mission of scientific societies. This involved defining the key audiences and stakeholder groups most relevant to the scientific publishing enterprise and customize messaging to each audience.

The messages for each stakeholder group were compiled into separate messaging documents. Each document consists of:

  • Intro outlining the goal of the Publishing Dialog so each document connects to the larger project
  • Rationale: Our reasons for picking this stakeholder group and what we saw as their key interests and attributes
  • Tailored messages: Each message is packaged with a quote from a famous source to add stickiness and salience to the message, and a factoid to back up the message’s claims.

Please find below the aggregated messages for every stakeholder group. We hope that you use these messages to promote our sector so that scientific scholarly publishers can speak with a more unifying voice, thus amplifying individual society efforts and promoting greater awareness of the values our publications and our societies offer.

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Table of Contents

Messaging on the benefits of submitting articles to society journals

Messaging on our shared missions of advancing knowledge and supporting the researcher community

Messaging on how society journals inform lawmakers, educate the public, and support the economy

Messaging on the curated authoritative research researchers can rely on

Messaging on how societies support their faculty, students, and the academic community