Formal Group

Emilio Segre and others join President John F. Kennedy and White House for dinner
Emilio Segre and his family are (on the landing in the center of the photograph) at the Nobel Prize Ball
Group at the International Conference on Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasmas (ICPSCP)
H Y Fan Symposium
Leiden Lecture Hall
William Rarita with unidentified others at event
Group photo of excursion at Mauna Kea Observatories
Ron Buckmire, Abba Gumel, Ronald Mickens and Talitha Washington at 2013 Joint Mathematics meeting
The OSSE team at the Navy Research Lab
Kim, Muranaka, Sueda, Morrison, Feynman, Chong, Llewellyn Smith, and Perkins at conference
Chinese Physicists at Cambridge Conference 1946
AIP 1987 Governing Board
Society of Rheology Executive Committee Portrait
Society of Rheology Executive Committee Portrait
Emilio Segre and others at SCIP Meeting in London
Gordon Research Conferences 1964
Malcom Thurgood Group Portrait
Hotel Minerva
Attendees at Yerkes Observatory Conference


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