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Kerson Huang

6 December 2016

Dispatches from Cuba: Securing a visa

6 December 2016
Before editor Toni Feder can visit Cuba and chronicle the country’s physics community, she has to jump through bureaucratic hoops to obtain a visa.

Rodolfo Bonifacio

6 December 2016

A hard rain's a-gonna fall

6 December 2016
A high-resolution climate model predicts an almost across-the-board increase in extreme precipitation events throughout North America.

Neutron starlight gets QED-fueled polarization boost

5 December 2016
The detection of highly polarized light from a nearby neutron star is likely the first observation of a quantum effect predicted 80 years ago.

Cosmic experiment is closing another Bell test loophole

1 December 2016
Extra Dimensions: A new experiment combines nanoscale measurements and interstellar distances to demonstrate quantum nonlocality.

Classical turbulence observed in a superfluid

1 December 2016
An obstacle dragged through a Bose–Einstein condensate leaves a well-known pattern of vortices in its wake.

Have carbon emissions peaked?

30 November 2016
Global output of carbon dioxide has flattened. But the atmospheric concentration of the greenhouse gas has grown at record levels.

What it takes to be a presidential science adviser

29 November 2016
As chronicled in two books, reminiscences from those who have served in the position reveal that advisers must cultivate trust and understand that the president will not always follow their counsel.

Yucca Mountain nuclear repository reemerges as media issue

29 November 2016
Major changes—a key senator’s departure and a new president—reshuffle the technopolitical deck.

Electron microscopy gets a multicolor makeover

28 November 2016
Selective deposition of lanthanide elements picks out subcellular features from the background.

Paris carbon cuts are insufficient, UN report warns

22 November 2016
More aggressive reductions are needed to limit global temperature rise to 2 °C, and hopes for a 1.5° maximum increase are rapidly fading.

<em>James Webb Space Telescope</em> is (almost) complete

22 November 2016
NASA and its international partners will spend the next two years conducting tests and attaching the observatory to JWST’s support bus and launcher.

Questions and answers with John Asher Johnson

21 November 2016
The Harvard astronomer hopes to introduce future researchers to the search for planets outside our solar system.

Wearable transistor can heal its own wounds

21 November 2016
At the heart of the device is a polymer semiconductor that flexes with the movements of its user.

In post-election media, colorful thread develops on science—mainly climate science

18 November 2016
Is Donald Trump “the first anti-science president we have ever had”?

Advanced LIGO ramps up, with slight improvements

18 November 2016
The experiment is more sensitive to gravitational waves than it was during the wildly successful first run late last year, but not by as much as researchers had hoped.

Daniel W. Miller

17 November 2016

Ocean currents in a changing climate

17 November 2016
As the planet warms and winds strengthen, the poleward flow of tropical waters is predicted to intensify. But experiments tell a different story.

Taking time to go to Mars

17 November 2016
The idea of traveling to the Red Planet has inspired many fictional dramas, but the television series Mars is one of the first to get the science right.