TEAM-UP Project

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The AIP National Task Force to Elevate African American Representation in Undergraduate Physics & Astronomy (TEAM-UP)

The TEAM-UP project began in 2017 with the Task Force to Elevate the Representation of African Americans in Undergraduate Physics & Astronomy (TEAM-UP) commissioned by the AIP Board of Directors. TEAM-UP spent two years investigating the reasons for the persistent underrepresentation of African Americans in physics and astronomy and produced a report with its findings and evidence-based recommendations to increase the number of African Americans earning physics and astronomy bachelor’s degrees. The TEAM-UP project continues today with workshops supported by the Heising Simons Foundation, webinars, and a number of efforts to help physics and astronomy departments to implement the TEAM-UP Report’s recommendations and develop action plans for systemic change.

Committees & Teams

Project Activities

  • TEAM-UP Implementation Workshops
    A core set of physics departments have been selected to attend the TEAM-UP Workshops and work with the TEAM-UP Project to develop strategic plans for actions
  • TEAM-UP Webinars
    These webinars will more deeply explore the 5 key factors that contribute to African American student success in physics & astronomy
  • TEAM-UP Report Survey / Survey Results
    Share how you are using the TEAM-UP Report and implementing its suggestions. See how others are using the report.

Partial funding for TEAM UP provided by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.