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Interviews range in date from the early 1960s to the present and cover the major areas and discoveries of physics from the past 100 years. More about our oral history collection.

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In this interview, David Zierler, Oral historian for AIP, interviews Jerry C. Elliot-High Eagle, president and CEO of High Eagle Technologies. Elliot-High Eagle discusses his current work at High Eagle Technologies, where he is focused on developing blood oxygenation solutions relevant to therapies for a variety of health maladies. He recounts his childhood in Oklahoma, his Cherokee heritage, and the early visions he experienced for which he saw his involvement in the moon landing as destiny.

video conference

In this interview, Jon Phillips, Assistant Oral Historian for AIP, interviews astronomer and historian of science Steven Dick. Dick recounts his early interest in astronomy and branching out into history as an undergraduate and then graduate student at Indiana University. He discusses his work as an astronomer at the United States Naval Observatory and pursuing the history of astronomy in his spare time, as well as his subsequent tenure as NASA’s Chief Historian and the workings of the NASA history office.

Los Angeles, California

In this interview, Joanna Behrman, Assistant Public Historian for AIP, interviews Margaret Kivelson, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Space Physics at the University of California, Los Angeles. Kivelson recounts her childhood in New York City and her decision to attend Radcliffe College. She describes her experiences attending graduate school at Harvard University and working with Julian Schwinger. Kivelson explains her decision to move out to California, to work at the RAND Corporation, and her efforts to secure a position at UCLA.

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