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History Newsletter cover: George Carruthers and William Conway with Apollo 16 spectrograph

Latest issue – Vol. 54 (2022), No. 2


 - Celebrating the James Webb Space Telescope: A Fireside Chat with France Córdova, John Mather, and Charlie Bolden

 - Down the Rabbit Hole with a Wikipedian-in-Residence

 - The Human Faces and Voices of Physics: Six Videos Recorded in the 1970s

 - Climate Change Science & Diplomacy: Successes, Failures, Consequences

 - Maxwell’s Technician: Spouses in Science

 - Hidden No More: Teaching About Diversity in the Atmospheric Sciences

 - The Dog Who Lived 25+ Years

 - Featured Oral History: George Carruthers

 - Happy Asteroid Day from the ESVA

 - Anticipating a New Vision for AIP’s History Programs

 - Documentation Preserved

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Our free newsletter reports on work in the history of physics (and allied fields such as astronomy and geophysics), carried out at the American Institute of Physics and elsewhere. Its goal is to bring resources and current topics in the history of the physical sciences to scientists, historians, and all interested audiences. Every issue includes spotlights on archival collections, news from researchers, reports on papers deposited in archives worldwide, and more. The newsletter is usually issued in the spring and fall each year. To stop or start receiving your printed subscription, call us at 301-209-3165.