Pride Month Podcast Recommendations

Pride Month Podcast Recommendations

Happy June and Happy Pride Month! It is no secret that we love podcasts here at the Niels Bohr Library & Archives, and we compiled some of our favorite podcasts featuring people who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community in a tweet thread. Here is our tweet thread of podcast recommendations so you, our Ex Libris Universum readers can enjoy as well!

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This Pride Month we'd like to highlight some podcasts we enjoyed which feature LGBT people in physics and other sciences. #PrideMonth (1/26)

In this episode of Making Gay History, we hear from Frank Kameny himself about what it was like being an activist in the 60s. (2/26)

Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld founded the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, the first LGBTQ activist group, but was targeted by Nazis for being Jewish and gay. Learn his story in this episode of Making Gay History. (3/26)

Hear from Alan Turing's nephew, Dermot Turing, and @jonathan229 as they talk with @RobbieRinder about Turing's work, relationships, and life as a gay man in both Cambridge and Manchester. (4/26)

You can read the 1952 letter Alan Turing wrote to Norman Routledge here, thanks to the @Kings_College Turing Digital Archive: (5/26)

A powerful interview by @NShortwave of Tam O'Shaughnessy about her relationship and partnership with the astronaut Sally Ride. (6/26)

There’s no real strong role model. We don’t have an Alan Turing; it is just not there." Hear @pokubakes (he/they), @CA_AstroComm (she/her), & @NybbleLynx (he/him) discuss the ace spectrum & importance of representation in this @PrideinSTEM Podcast: (7/26)

In this episode of Pride in STEM, Dr. Craig Poku, Dr. Shubhangi Karmakar, and Avery Cummingham share their experiences with gender identity, intersectionality, barriers, and acceptance in STEM, & highlight ways STEM fields can and should improve. (8/26)

In this interview on @PhysicsWorld Weekly, @RamonBarthelemy discusses his 2020 survey on harassment and uneven support of LGBT+ physicists; the segment starts at 16:20. (9/26)

Read more about the current state of the research discussed in the previous tweet in @PhysicsToday. (10/26)

In her Q&A with @500QueerSci, Short Wave host Maddie Sofia says "What’s more fun than having a queer scientist explain the physics behind rainbows to a queer producer and host?” (11/26)

Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein @IBJIYONGI discusses one of her coming out stories and the nature of LGBTQ identity itself. (12/26)

Learn about the experiences of LGBTQ+ physicists in the American Physical Society's podcast, This Is Physics (13/26)

In an interview on @scicurious_pod asrophysicist Claire Davies discusses the formation of stars and planetary systems, and the origin of PRISM Exeter. (14/26)

Emily Harford is an engineer working on the JET nuclear fusion project. On @scicurious_pod she discusses that work and her experience of being autistic and a woman in engineering. (15/26)

In this ep. of SciCurious, astrophysicist, science communicator, & LGBTQ activist Dr. Alfredo Carpineti discusses (among many other things) how a trip to the London Natural History Museum & his love of dinosaurs got him interested in astrophysics! (16/26)

Music, running clubs, and, of course, physics are all discussed in this @scicurious_pod interview with Alex Blanchard (17/26)

Ben Shaw discusses neutron stars and coming out in this episode of @scicurious_pod (18/26)

Machine learning for galaxy identification, twitch streaming, the NHS, smut novel writing, modeling, and many more topics are covered on this @scicurious_pod episode with Dr. Ashley Spindler, @DrAshleyNova: (19/26)

PhD student Yasmeen Musthafa talks plasma physics, harassment and trauma, watching The L Word with their parents, and the lousy work/life balance in physics in this interview with @LGBTQstemCast . Adult language. (20/26)

In this episode of LGBTQ+ Stem Cast we hear from Amy Parent about her astrophysics research and her identity as a trans woman. (21/26)

A crossover between two great podcasts, SciCurious and LGBTQ+ Stem Cast! They talk physics, organizing, and identity. (22/26)

Jost Migenda discusses their research in astrophysics as well as their nontraditional journey through STEM. (23/26)

On Working Scientist, Huw Griffiths talks about initiatives for LGBTQIA+ scientists in polar research, & Abhijit Majumder discusses role of science organizations as safe spaces open to everybody, with explicit statements on openness and diversity. (24/26)

QueerSpace (from @AirSpacePod ) spoke with bookseller Hannah Oliver Depp of @Loyaltybooks about classic and current queer sci-fi. (25/26)

Traveling to space reminds us what it means to be Earthlings. These artists explain how that inspires them in this epside of QueerSpace. (26/26)

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