Victor Weisskopf Photo Album Reassembled

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Before she left, our former photo archivist was able to intellectually reassemble an album that Victor Weisskopf donated to the Emilio Segrè Visual Archives (ESVA) in 1995.  The album depicts the Copenhagen Conference held at the Bohr Institute in 1934.

The original album appears to have been 5” x 7” and Weisskopf (or whomever assembled the album) placed two photographs on each page in most cases (some pages had only one photograph). Under each photograph a number (1-34) was written and the original album contained annotations written by the person who assembled the album.  We only have one set of photocopies of the original pages with annotations in German and English, and many are too dark to make out.  The last two images are presumably number 35 & 36, however, the photocopy does not indicate this. 

Over the years we have received numerous photo albums and depending on the condition of them when they are sent to us, they are sometimes separated out to preserve the photographs. This is especially true if the photographs are affixed to the album with glue or if the pages themselves seem to be disintegrating. By reassembling an album intellectually, it allows us to preserve the photos to the best of our ability while also allowing researchers to see how the photos relate to each other when owned by the creator.

To see the album in its proper order with captions please visit our Flickr page. If you have any further details or amendments to the captions, we would love to hear from you! You can contact the ESVA staff at photos [at]