International Day of Light

International Day of Light

May 16th is the International Day of Light, celebrating the first fruitful laser trial by physicist Theodore Maiman in 1960. The study of light has led to many advances in technology and improvements to our everyday lives, which is why it is a UNESCO event. From UNESCO's website:

Without light, our planet would be but a cold and barren place. Indeed, where there is light, there is often an abundance of life. Yet light represents even more for humanity. Light goes hand in hand with knowledge; it is a lens through which to see and understand the world.

Our Center for History of Physics has a web exhibit titled Bright Idea: The First Lasers all about how lasers and masers came to exist. Check out the exhibit linked above, as well as this Tweet thread that explains key points from the exhibit in a condensed format below.

(P.S. For even more wonderful web exhibits, check out our Museum Tour post!) 

Note: it may take a few seconds for tweets to load.

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