Materials for Teachers and Students: Teaching Guides and Educational Games on History of the Physical Sciences

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Teaching Guides

Over 50 teaching guides on the history of physics, astronomy, and other physical sciences, highlighting contributions across the diverse community of scientists. These teaching guides meet national educational standards, can fit into social and natural science courses, and are available for free. These resources are easily integrated in classrooms from first grade through the college level, and they will provide students with a diverse set of roles models while also calling attention to ongoing diversity issues in STEM. A teaching guide typically includes a lesson plan, discussion questions, and an answer key, as well as other readings and resources.

Educational Games

In addition to the Teaching Guides, the Center for History of Physics has also created three educational games about the history of physics. These include:

Heads Up - A "who's who" in the history of the physical sciences. Students learn to recognize major figures, some well-known and some less well-known.

Phystory - Students build timelines and develop a larger perspective on the chronological development of physics. They also learn how the history of physics fits into a larger U.S. and World history.

Scientists of Catan - A parody of "Settlers of Catan" about navigating the world of working in science. This one is mostly just for fun.

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