Mystery Photos December 2018

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Sean McEnroe, Photograph Collections Assistant

The Emilio Segrè Visual Archives has a small box of photographs without identifying information, (i.e. nothing written on the back) which we call the box of mysteries. In June, reached out to see if anyone recognized the people or places in the photos and readers were able to identify several images. Many thanks to our readers for their help. In this issue, we present more images from our collection. These were published in our latest History Center Newsletter. We have already received some identifications which are indicated below the image. 

If you recognize someone or something, please contact Audrey Lengel: Email: alengel [at] 



Photo 1: Who is this distinguished looking man possibly holding a camera?

UPDATE: This may be Ilya Frank. We are working to confirm, please contact us if you can identify him.  


 Photo 2: Does anyone recognize these distinguished looking people spending a beautiful day outside?


UPDATE: Fritz Haber has been identified in this photo.  



 Photo 3: What is this equipment?




Photo 4: This man looks like he knows something I don’t, like his name.

UPDATE: This photo has been identified as John Van Vleck.


 Photo 5: Who is this man and what is he doing?

UPDATE: This photo has been identified as William Webster Hansen.


Photo 6: This photo was previously misidentified as Charlotte Moore Sitterly. Does anyone know who she really is?

UPDATEThis photo has been identified as Elda Anderson.